10 Vital Facts : Screen Printing vs Heat Transfer

When you browse on a website for getting print on your favorite t-shirt, you will see some common printing methods. Screen printing, DTG, heat transfer etc are very common for printing tees. 

Thanks to the advanced technology, with the help of it tons of tees can be printed within a very short time. Easily you can also print your tees at home with a small set up. All these three processes have their own advantages. 

You can select which process suits best on you depending on the discussion below. If you want a good quality long-lasting vibrant print then go with screen printing. If you want a lot of tees printed within a very short time, then you get to go with heat transfer. 

                                                  Fig: Screen printing vs Heat transfer

Screen Printing vs Heat Transfer:


Screen printing

Heat transfer


A pre-prepared stencil is used to apply a layer of inks over the textiles.With the help of ink the image is transferred to the textile.

Custom designs are produced onto the apparel using pressure and heatOnto a heat reactive adhesive coated material called transfer paper, the design is printedWhile heat press is applied, te adhesive react with the heat and transfer to the fabric


Better quality printing is possible than heat transfer

Quality is not better than screen printing


Stencil, frame, squeegee,ink

Heat press machine or iron

Color range

Multi-color print is possibleFor each color separate screen is neededSo it limits the use of screen printing for multi-color

Appropriate when dealing with multiple colors

Suitable for

Large batchNot suitable smaller order 

Suitable for smaller orders

Color vibrancy

Bright and vibrant color is produced

Comparatively duller appearance

Time required

Time consumingBut for one or a few colors for bulk order is quite faster

Quicker process

Cost effectiveness

Cost effective in case of bulk orderBut cost elevates with the number of screensFor short order it is not cost effective at all.

Cost effectiveThe less the order, the less the costing


More durableInk penetrates deep inside the garment

Less durableInk doesn’t penetrate deep in the garment

Photographic design

Not possible

Detailed photographic design possible

Now think quickly which one is best for your project?  Differences are there in the two methods but they are unique in their own field.

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