4 Facts about Reactive Dye Printing!

Nowadays, there are several digital printing approaches are introduced. Reactive printing, pigment printing, acid printing, disperse printing and sublimation transfer printing.

Which process is best for you, this is a case that depends on what type of product do you want? As a customer you really don’t need to worry about all these.

Just order to the manufacturer who will do the job for you, they will take your file and deliver you with the art work according to your choice.

What is the process to print the fabric?

Reactive digital printing is a printing process via inkjet printing onto the pre-treated fabric using reactive dyes.

Then the fabrics are steamed in the steamer to fix the print. After steaming, the fabric is washed thoroughly. Sometimes three step washing is also done to remove the unfixed dye stuff and to improve the fastness property of the fabrics.

What ink or dyes are used for this printing and are they safe?

Here Reactive dye is used and this dye is completely safe as having no harmful chemical group in their structure.

Is the printing permanent?

Reactive printing process is considered as the most permanent process. In this process, a covalent bond is formed between dye and fiber.

Thus more strongly the dye is retained by the fiber. Often more or less color leaches from most of the fabrics. But this is less in case of reactive dye.

Running and fading occurs but the remaining color will be stable throughout the printing process.

Is this process eco-friendly?

Digital printing process is eco-friendly in regards to conventional textile printing. In conventional textile printing, too much chemicals are wasted.

They increases the effluent load to the environment. But in case of digital printing, the advanced technology drops the exact amount of ink needed. So the wastage is limited.

You can go for digital printing as this is an eco-friendly simple process. The demand for digitally printed fabric is increasing day by day.

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