Differences between Natural fiber and Man-made fiber

Fibers are an important factor for making textiles. Two types of fibers are available. One is natural fiber which we get naturally from plants or animals. Another is man-made fiber or synthetic fiber that is made by men using different process like melt spinning, dry spinning or wet spinning. The fiber forming substances have to be manufactured by chemical method instead of growing in fields. Because of this, man-made fibers are also called chemical or manufactured fiber. The fiber forming substances are usually made from wood pulp, cotton linter, petrochemicals or natural gas.

Natural FiberMan Made Fiber
1.all of natural fiber comes from nature1.Synthetic fibers are completely man made by regeneration of natural resources
2.Number of molecular weight is not limited2. Number of molecular weight is Limited
3.Hygenic and environment friendly3.Non-hygenic and not environment friendly
4.Comfortable to wear4.Uncomfortable to wear
5.Length and shape of fiber is nature given5. Length and shape of fiber could be controlled by man
6.The number of molecules are controlled by nature6. The number of molecules could be controlled by man
7.Dependent on climatic condition or weather7. Independent production from climatic condition or weather
8.Most of the fibers are hydrophilic in nature8. Most of the fibers are hydrophobic in nature
9.Comparatively less durable9.More durable than natural fibers
10.It may contain natural and other impurities10.Comparatively clean
11. Scouring and bleaching process is required before wet processing.11.Scouring and bleaching is required in few cases
12.Contains natural crimp or convulation12.Crimp is given by men

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