Adore Yourself With Heat Reactive Hair Dye!

Wanna change your hair color like tree leaves in Autumn???? Don’t worry………Pravana releases a line of products for changing your hair color instantly. The theory behind Pravana’s Vivids Mood color is not photosynthesis at all.

You would be wondered that it’s just temperature that will change your hair color from yellow to green, pink to purple or platinum to blue. While walking outside, with the sunshine or even the blowing air, you will have a different hair color that makes you look cool.

 Lissette Cruz, Product development manager at Pravana told Allure. “Walking out into the sun, with the simple heat from the sun, makes the color shift. Any gust of wind can change it again and reverse right back to its original color.”

The hair color will change depending on the up and down of temperature. There is no risk of using this color onto the hair.

But this will not work on black hair. Of course, this is a temporary color, lasts on the hair until you wash it off. Actually, it isn’t dye but just an overlay.

It will change your hair color with rising or falling temperature. It will change color with rising temperature and when it cools it comes back to the original color.

Make sure before applying this hair color kit, style your hair first then apply the color. Otherwise, every time you comb your hair and the color will come out. This is a temporary effect a little goes a long way.

Pavana promises to change hair color with an out-of-this world effect that changes hair color instantly.

Available in four color combinations: Cool Violet to Warm Pink; Lime Green to Sunny Yellow; Smokey Gray to Invisible and Tropical Peach to Invisible.

Create a fabulous look with your perfect color for any festivals and be the prettiest one.

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