Difference between Fashion and Style

Fashion and style is not the same thing. There is quite difference between them. Fashion is not personal. This is brought to us by the great figures of fashion artist, the way that tells us how we can be look cool in our society. Style is completely our personal matter. Like we do what we like or wear according my own choice even though that is not trending now.





Newest creation made by designers Person’s

Newest creation by applying one’s own choice

Must be adopted by society or group of people 

Can be accepted by a specific group of people

Fashion house, models, actress make this popular

The person is quite enough to increase the popularity of his style



There is no limitation, it is just perfect

It contains some limitation, not that perfect

Fashion is to make relationship to the external

Style is the relationship with internal

It has strong attraction

 No attraction as fashion



It takes away our attention from ourselves

 Brings our attention directly to ourselves



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