Difference between Dyeing & Printing



·       There is no localized application

·       This is the localized application of        dyes/pigments on the fabric according to design.

·       Color is applied in form of solution

·       Colour is applied in form of thick paste

·       Fabric, yarn and fibers are dyed

·       Fabric is only printed

·       Generally a colour is used.

·       One or more colour is used

·       Thickener is not used.

·       Thickener is used

·       Steaming is not required on dyed mtl.

·       Steaming is used in the printed fabric for fixation

·       More time is required

·       Less time is required

·       Less expensive

·       More expensive

·       Much amount of water is used

·       Less amount of water is used.

·       Liquor ratio is high.

·       Liquor Ratio is less.

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