Difference between Discharge and Resist style of Printing

Discharge Style

Resist style

·       It is always sharp in outline, bright in appearance

·       It is less sharp in outline and less bright

·       Discharging agent used

·       Resist salt used

·       Strong chemical reaction is required

·       No chemical reaction due to pre dyeing

·       At first the fabric is dyed and then discharging printing

·       At first resist salt printed, and then fabric is dyed

·       Two or more color can be dyed at a time

·       Only two color can be dyed at a time

·       Discharging agent destroy pre fixed dye of fabric

·       Resisting salt resist to be fixed of colour on the fabric

·       The cost of discharging agent is high

·       Cheap

·       More wastages of dye

·       Less wastage of dye

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